Amazon Rainforest Ecotours with the Cofán - Join Us!

The Cofán began the first community-based ecotourism project in the rainforests of Northern Ecuador back in 1978, and we have been welcoming tourists on exotic Amazon adventures ever since.

Our tours expose you the amazing world of the Amazon rainforest from our Cofán cultural perspective. Your guides are Cofán men and women who have lived in this environment all their lives, and understand it intimately.

You become part of the village as you sleep in our comfortable thatched roof huts, travel in our long canoes and eat our typical foods. 

Cofán ecotours are the most authentic jungle ecotours available through the multitude of tour and travel agencies in Quito. Cofán ecotours are not your average ecotours! The remoteness of Zabalo means that you will spend your time in the deep rainforest and on remote rivers, not just outside the city.


Trekking in the rainforest with the option of overnight “camping” in the rainforest. Let our guides show you a new perspective on the forest, see plants and animals that would have otherwise melted into the forest unnoticed, and learn first-hand from the Cofán how to live as part of the forest.


Canoe on beautiful and pristine streams, where the wildlife is tame and curious and time stands still.


Fish for the famous piranha or take on magnificent dorados and pacos for the sport fishing experience of a lifetime! If lucky, you can experience the traditional Cofán fishing method involving homemade nets and getting up close and personal with the river!

Biology and Ecology

We have thousands of plant and animal species, many found only here. While every ecotourist is bound to see abundant wildlife during their stay, we offer the chance for students and professors to arrange special trips to complement their studies with hands-on experience.


"Randy - I really don't know how to express our gratitude for the amazing experience you provided us all. I think we arrived with at least some idea of where we were going and what we might see, but we had no idea that we were going to be welcomed into your amazing extended family - this was something so very special and will be my major enduring memory of our little taste of Amazonia.

(Your wife) Amelia was such a warm and gracious hostess and made us feel totally welcome in her house. Carlos made those jungle walks unforgettable, always looking like he had just heard a great joke he wants to tell you. Felipe was an excellent guide and boatsman and Alfonso and Carmella such super hosts for our great meals. Everyone was wonderful….

Hard to prioritize my favorite experiences, but the moonlit approach to Zabalo was unforgettable - especially the aroma of the night-blooming flowers, and the tiny glow of Carlos' headlamp leading our way to the village. The bushcamp trip was perfect - though we should have budgeted a week!"

-Norman Stacey, Alberta, Canada

"We searched around for a long time to find a trip that ticked all the boxes for us – sustainable tourism, supporting indigenous peoples, and (if possible) something that would provide a glimpse into the ‘real’ Oriente. We definitely found what we were looking for with our ecotour booked through the Cofan Survival Fund.

We enjoyed our education in the use of medicinal plants, the biology and life of the various types of jungle habitat, the animals and the people who make the area their home.

Anna and I also had the privilege to paddle down the Rio Zabalo for a few hours, with Carlos (aged 74, originally from the Siona tribe but married into the Cofan). It was just the three of us sitting cross-legged in a small wooden canoe, floating down the river. We were treated to a very rare sight, a tapir crossed the water just upriver from our canoe! We also saw a river otter, turtles and river dolphins, and Shaun saw a tayra (a large relative of the weasel that climbs trees).

All in all, a fascinating visit to the jungle and great to be a part of the Cofan community for a few days."

-Shaun & Anna, New Zealand


Our amazon rainforest ecotours are run by and directly benefit the community, while offering the visitor a unique chance to stay in a real indigenous community. Our ecotours provide an opportunity for us to share the Cofán reality, the beauty of the rainforest and threats to its survival, with outsiders.

We are presently charging $135 per person per day for a typical group of 4 persons for a 5-6 day trip, with discounts available for larger groups. Other rates are available by request.  Trips can be tailored to the interests, physical abilities, and time limits of our visitors.

Prices include:

  • All transportation from your departure from Lago Agrio through your ecotour until your return to Lago Agrio
  • Activities including guides and crew excursions
  • Accommodations
  • Meals for the duration of your stay.

We request a deposit for 50% of the total cost of the trip no later than one month prior to your arrival.

Due to the prohibitive cost of gasoline, we are unable to arrange trips for fewer than four visitors at a time. However, we are happy to help you connect with other travelers if you let us know when you are interested in visiting.

We do not recommend ecotours for fewer than 5 days.

Learn how you can becoming a sustaining member of the Cofan Survival Fund: Join the Campaign for 5000