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How the Cofán of Zábalo care for their forest

Cómo los Cofán de Zábalo cuidan su bosque

¿Ma’caen Zabalo’su a’i tisupa tsampima coira’je’cho?

Past Newsletters

January 2013
Christmas with the Cofán

February 2013
Thank you, gracias, and chigatsuafepoenjá!

March 2013
CSF wins prestigious MacArthur Foundation award!

April 2013
Every day is Earth Day at Cofan Survival Fund

May 2013
Top CSF biologists lost...and found!

June 2013
Amazon river turtles for sale! (Hopefully...)

July 2013
An indigenous man from Colombia visits the Cofan to talk about their struggle to preserve their territory

August 2013
Pizarras ranger station is a strategic point for protecting 1 million acres of forest

September 2013
Happy 10-year anniversary to the Cofan Ranger Program!

October 2013
We've been busy! Cofan ranger course, GIN conference keynote speech, turtle news and more!

November 2013
VIDEO "What makes us different from the average NGO is that we don't have the option to quit."

December 2013
2013 Cofan year in review

Cofán in the news